The design is showing off in Zurich!

If Zurich,  Top Place of Switzerland culture and avant-garde city in the artistic field is a leading city regarding art, she had not yet a contemporary design gallery. This current lack will soon to be filled thanks to the talented and dynamic Atossa Meier, founder of the Gallery Elle. This new precious space for creation takes place on the ground floor of a historical villa in Zürichberg.

For its inaugural exhibition, Galerie Armel Soyer is pleased to collaborate with Gallery Elle in order to introduce our Swiss friends collectors a selection of pieces by Christopher Boots, Mathias Kiss, Julian Mayor, Ifeanyi Oganwu, Pierre Gonalons, Gilles Pernet and many more. 

May the design gods be pleased, this is the beginning of a beautiful journey and a long collaboration. We offer to re-harmonize contemporary design with the arts and crafts, re-injecting ornamentation, the richness of natural materials and adding poetry to contemporary design. 

"Elle is the name of my daughter, i dedicated to her my Gallery."

© 2017 GALLERY ELLE, Inh. Atossa Meier.