Kiss is a French artist, iconoclast and dandy with boundless creative energy. In his art he folds academicism to find new codes and to break down the barriers between disciplines by association French classicism and avant-gardism. His extravagant and oversized installations are shown in the most prestigious galeries and museums such as the Palais de Tokyo or the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and his artistic universe seduces luxury brands like Hermès or Boucheron.


While the word "divine" may suggest a religious character to many, the French dictionary Larousse also defines the word as "something that we find exceptional, perfect, sublime". It is the latter that I am exploring with photographs I have taken over the years. I've come to realize that the divine surrounds us if we take the time to slow down and look around. These prints are in a way profane icons of our world, a transcendental portrait of our environment.


Boots is a Melbourne based industrial designer, driven by a love of nature and light, with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. His handmade work - including lights, furniture and objects - explores the architecture and geometry of organic shapes, and is often inspired by forms found in plants, animals, and minerals. Christopher's Greek heritage is reflected in his repeated fusion of natural and classical, with mythology a core concept permeating his work.


This Atelier likes to play with light and shadow to create atmosphere within an interior space. In order to do that with Leaf, they had to find finishes that would play with light in interesting ways; using 14 karat gold and platinum lustres, a highly reflective and opulent surface on the underside of the leaves reflects light while creating wonderful surface reflection. This Leaf collection acts as an original and timeless centre piece to a dining or living space.

CHRISTINA OITICICA, The alchemist from Amazons

Christina Oiticica hands her work over to the forces of nature. Be it by burying the paintings for a year in the moist soil of the jungle, sinking them in a river or simply exposing them to wind and weather outside. Sometimes one can hardly recognize the original work after being edited by nature. The influence of her husband Paulo Coelho is also noticeable. The two often talked about their ideas and philosophized together. So they influenced each other and their work.


Valéria says herself : Nature is full of reoccurring patterns and rhythms; spirals, waves, repeating petals and leaves. As in nature, each piece of my work, though seemingly a duplicate, is unique. Porcelain has the smoothness and the malleability that I need to create new shapes, manipulating them to appear in some cases defiantly weightless. My work is a celebration of nature itself.


Siviglia draws from the primeval forces of the mineral, botanical and animal worlds working with clay, glass and metal oxides. With reference to the roots, cacti, seeds and fruits, he has recreated an imaginary garden. Working with 2 different types of clay, interlacing glass and mineral inclusions to convey a sense of growth, strength yet such fragility – crossing the boundaries. His style relays this well and the clay gives structure and strength to the object, the design. 


Mayor is a British artist and designer known for his sculptural works. Using high-tech design processes, the artist creates each piece digitally on a computer before building them by hand in his workshop. The artist’s work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan, FAT Galerie in Paris, among others; he has also installed a permanent series of sculptural benches in a park behind the Tate Britain in Pimlico, London. 


Gonet is a Swiss Glass Designer, driven by a love of glass and light with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. With his Team, he translates objects into glass for artists, architects and designers and realizes his own projects worldwide. With many high profile projects at present, Matteo Gonet most notable recent collaboration with Château de Versailles, Chanel and many more has cemented him as the one to watch in the art and design world.


Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot creative collaboration : The pair captures enigmatical landscapes in every corner of the globe, from Morocco to the US and Turkey to Norway, in which they set up colorful clouds to create these ephemeral and vivid sceneries. It's a celebration of the earth and its creative potential; its fertile landscapes and irreplaceable blossomings while the clouds of looming smoke represent a visual manifestation of the creative impulse.


SÓHA was founded by Russian artist Denis Milovanov who collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects studio and Boris Vervoordt. Neo-primitivist interior objects based on the aesthetic properties of long-established wooden architecture in the North of Russia. Reclaimed oak blocks are masterfully hand processed with chainsaw, which produces an individual and expressive surface pattern. In accordance with traditional Russian woodwork principles the resulting shape is boiled in linseed oil to expel natural moisture and increase durability till wood attains a noble and reserved shade of color: from light hazel to pitch-black. 


Gulfoss is a photographer who is passionate about nature and the animal kingdom. Through his art, he creates another way of looking at the world, one which is more intimate and respectful of animals. A world where we can sometimes find a monkey on a cow or an egret on a hippopotamus, a symbiotic harmony between animals and their settings. Connecting with nature is very important, and he believes that we’ve been in the process of losing that connection for many years. Art is a fabulous way to restore that connection.


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