Atossa Kacerovsky


The owner

Atossa Kacerovsky is an art dealer that represents Contemporary Art with galleries in both Zurich and St. Moritz since ten years. She  graduated from New York University (Master in Modern Art). After she worked at an auction house before deciding to go on her own. Today she trades contemporary art because we are living as she says in the now. 2012 she founded her gallery in the hidden hills of Zurich where she displays her favorite artists since then. 

Since 2022 she has changed the purpose of her company to the name Gallery Elle Fine Art AG with the focus on offering art advisory services. Tastes are different and it is so important to offer customers options that they personally like, to advise them appropriately and, above all, to invest correctly, in addition to my artists.

Art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I am in contact with a rich diversity of artworks through collectors and galleries as well as international fairs and exhibitions, as I've always been fascinated to understand how aesthetic values and art market dynamics are correlated. I developed an appreciation and an experience that enables me to find artworks matching your own aesthetic inclinations. 

Beyond my passion for art, I love to share my knowledge of the most recent dynamics at play on the art market and my watch over established – as well as emerging – artists to provide qualified insights.'

Diyala Kayiran

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