Contemporary Art make happy

Interview : Anita Simeon Lutz

From the passion for Art, a sense of high quality materials and respect for handcraft the Gallery owner Atossa Meier combines Contemporary Art and Design of the 21st century in her Gallery in Zurich and in St. Moritz. Artists like Mathias Kiss, Christopher Boots, Matteo Gonet etc trust the young lady her works in order to place them mostly in a private art collection or into a beautiful Living environment.

How the best integrate Art and Design into a Living environment ?

Art is something very personal. Either one becomes touched by a piece or not. It's like Love. I try the best to make the collectors interested by always telling the story of the individual work and of the artist to inspire and sometimes it opens up a completely new perspective. But in the end it's a personal emotion that speaks for an art work. Of course, the object will have the most effect, even if it has a suitable place in a beautiful house. It is like this: Art has to live and it is important to work with living artists. This is how you touch the nerve of time.

You lead two Galleries in St. Moritz and Zurich – in Contemporary Art and Design. What is the difference between this two disciplines?

In my eyes, design units all art forms. The designers use themselves history of art and architecture and lead them into new, current interpretations. Like a new Life. For example the artist Pierre Gonalons goes to castle Versailles and let him inspired by old plans and reinterpret them in red marble even from the same area. Also you need to know that the Art i represent are very classical in a very modern interpretation. The classicism code is broken and reinterpreted. Mathias Kiss is for example an educated and very well experienced restorer and has become world famous with his mirrors. He brutally destroyed the 90 ° angle, the code of architecture, and does not make use of this law. He has freed himself from this tight corset that still has a generation in it. But we are moving towards the future.

Many see the difference in utility value. What do you think about?

I do not want to use the word use. Art is always a form of energy and is primarily there to make people happy. This also applies to the design. The Balloon chandelier by Matteo Gonet for example can be used as a luminous object but mainly it simply makes you happy. Art is something very personal. It should touch your soul every time you look at it.



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