Atossa Meier 

is an art dealer that represent Contemporary Art with galleries in both Zurich and St. Moritz since ten years. She studied art history, film and photography in Zurich, and completed a Master’s in Modern Art in NYC. She worked at an auction house before deciding to go on her own. Today she trades contemporary art because we are living as she says “in the now”. I’m not into all the hype about auctions, my artists grow steadily in their value as long as they are alive and not as long as they are underground. 

Every day is a highlight. I meet so many interesting people with incredible stories (I could write a book about them) and provide art for dream homes with art collections that take my breath away. I think I’m more of a person who influences, or should I say one that ‘inspires’. Every guest at the gallery who comes to say goodbye often uses the expression “that was so inspiring” to describe their experience. This makes me incredibly proud and that’s when I know I’m doing something very well. 


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